JASIC TIG (DC) 180 Dual Voltage Inverter JT-180DV

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The Jasic TIG 180 dual voltage is equipped with powerful IGBT components and a singular PCB for improved efficiency

This technologically advanced inverter is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable and consistent arc performance. The TIG 180 with high-frequency starting also offers MMA functionality making it an ideal choice for maintenance or manufacturing.

  • Single PCB construction, easy for testing and maintenance

  • IGBT TIG/MMA inverter technology

  • High-frequency inverter, high-efficiency

  • Anti-Stick, Arc-Force, Hot Start 2T/4T

  • Downslope and post flow

  • Easy start, stable and reliable arc

  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuation

  • Compact size, lightweight and modern design

  • High-quality tactile rubber finish to mouldings and handle


Package Includes:

Inverter power source, TIG torch & adaptor, Gas regulator, Work return lead and clamp, Operating instructions, 5 year warranty